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The Horror Shit-Show Pt 1 | Web Enk
Okay – Dad is in Stillwater waiting for me to arrive. Bruce, happily agrees to go with me, a forty-five minute trip out there to drop me off. I’ll join up with my Dad, and Bruce heads back home. Dad and I will enjoy our day with relatives on this morning and afternoon of on and off rainstorms. Now, I already know that Bruce has an Old Man Whore in Roseville, north of downtown St Paul who’s been hooking (whoring) up with him for the past six months. En Route to Stillwater, Bruce says bluntly: “After I drop you off this early, should I go on into Stillwater or should I check out what’s going on in Roseville?” I ignored it – it just isn’t worth my time. My objective is to spend time with Dad, family and Memorial Day. Once dropped off, the three of us have a round of friendly banters and laughs, Bruce says his good-byes and Dad and I are left alone. In a few minutes, Dad checks: “What’s going on out there? Does he need our help?” I look; Bruce is in the car, in the driveway – and he’s just sitting there. Then we both see: He looks at the two of us, and sits his phone down, he’s been emailing or texting – and throws the vehicle into reverse and leaves. Bruce drops me off at my childhood home, where I was raised since I was 3 years old – and he can’t even take a minute to get out of the driveway to launch contact to his collection of man-whores.