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Afterschool Resource Database
Welcome to the Afterschool Resource Database. The purpose of the database is to allow you to search for funding sources to support your out-of-school time programs. The database is designed for persons planning new programs and for persons currently operating programs including those searching for ways to sustain their programs. You may search the database by selecting descriptive characteristics from a series of dropdown lists. Once you have completed your selections, simply click Search.
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Basic Search

The Basic Search is the fastest and easiest way to search the database for resources available to start or sustain an afterschool project. You only have to use a few of the potential selection criteria in conducting your search. This may be a good place for you to start. Once you see the results, you will probably want to conduct either an Advanced or Detailed search to narrow your search for sources that better meet your needs.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search requires that you use more of the available selection criteria in conducting your search. You will need to be more specific. This will narrow the number of funding source descriptions that you will receive.

Detailed Search

The Detailed Search requires that you use all of the available selection criteria. This option will take more time to set-up your search, but the results will include only those funding source descriptions that meet your unique needs. You may want to skip the Basic and Advanced options and use this option to identify potential funding sources.