AJ Learns about GIMP

First we have to download a file called GIMP. It’s free and it’s been the “staple” GoTo app for most folks for many-a decade now. Once it’s been installed, you’re ready to resize your picture.

Here’s a nice pretty picture I shamelessly pirated from some site – I don’t care where. It’s nice! But – it’s original size was 2048 x 1536 pixles. That’s massive. It’s probably bigger than Iowa. So, we want to shrink it to be a little more manageable, or perhaps make it a background wallpaper on our phone.

So, we open our new electronic friend called GIMP and then we have it open the image in question.

We go up to Image, then Scale and then we downsize the image. The image you see above, I downsized to be 950 x 713 so it will fit on the website page here.

Once we’ve downsized the width, you’ll notice the height changes automatically. It’s supposed to. That way GIMP keeps the perspective aligned correctly. However, if you want to futz and learn, go ahead and click chain link that connects the two together there on the left.

Ready for the next? Now we need to Export it and save it with its new filename. So we do File and then Export As and give it a name and a folder destination.

And – You’re done! Easy-peasy don’t you think?!

Here’s the original file so you can practice. There are all kinds of fun tools, filters and extensions that you can add to GIMP! Enjoy! And be safe!