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About | Web Enk

SelfieMark Wayne-Hart is the managing owner and operator for Web Enk.

As a Security Police veteran of the United States Air Force, Mark studied Business and Information Technology at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, and Roosevelt University in Chicago.  His graduate studies were at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Mark has participated in I.T. projects sponsored by the US Dept of Education, Office of Education Research and Improvement in Atlanta as the I.T. manager and network designer for SERVE, the SouthEast Regional Vision for Education.  His work became the precursor in dial-up data systems for the public school sector throughout the southeastern United States.

He took a position at the Mayo Foundation in Rochester, MN on a two-fold project: Digital Dictation Systems (DDS) and Patient Provided Information (PPI), the largest micro-computer projects the Mayo has ever embarked on.

Once those projects were stable and declared a success, he trained in his own replacement staff and moved to his hometown of Minneapolis and St Paul, MN by accepting a position at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Police. Here, he pioneered the idea of ruggedized laptop computers in the department’s mobile fleet and allowing Internet access, the first emergency response provider in the Midwest. His work became the standard with law enforcement, ambulance and fire response teams throughout the region for ergonomics, hardware and software development, accuracy in data response and connectivity.

Since then, Mark has taken a variety of roles in consulting, information re-design, website design, logo and graphic design including Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MN (St Paul, MN), I Go Products (San Bernardino, CA), Harris & Phillips (Chicago, IL), Aihu Inc., (Phoenix, AZ), Innovative Chemical Corp (Cottage Grove, MN) and a wide variety entrepreneurial and medium sized business including law firms, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, massage and chiropractic therapy offices and film crews.

As a child growing up, he always surrounded himself in art; including teaching himself to play music, studying professionally at variety of media art as well as performance art on the stage.  With his education in business and IT, today Mark works in all three areas as one space: business, IT and graphic and digital art.

It’s very easy to contact Mark through social media as well as email, including “the old fashioned way”.  Questions, problems, issues or just to find some technical inspiration – get a-hold of Mark and see what he thinks.